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Twitter chat with @Gayla Baer-TaylorFor big brands, content marketing is about influencer outreach, interactions and brand awareness. But if you are an independent blogger, monetizing content is as essential: After all, we all need to earn our living!

Today we are discussing monetizing your content and doing that effectively with @Gayla Baer-Taylor

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About Gayla

@Gayla Baer-Taylor is an experienced freelance writer, blogger, community moderator, and social media professional.

@Gayla Baer-Taylor is founder of Gadabout Media.

Please connect to Gayla on Linkedin!

Questions we discussed

Q1 I know you have an impressively long career… But just in a few sentences, please tell us how you got where you are now! We love inspiring career stories!

I began working from home in 1999 on a leap of faith to work for a micro-niche dating site as community manager. I was a single mom of twins – so I had to at least try. I’ve been working from home since.

In 2003 I began working w/ Darren Rowse aka Problogger and the b5media blog network. My career just keeps evolving.

For about 3 years. My biggest claim was selling a site for 6 figures

Q2 What are your favorite content monetization tactics? Please share your secrets! ?

I tend to be a lazy when it comes to monetization. The simpler the better.

Many programs have bookmarklet tools make it easy to link to a product page, from your browser.

The same goes for optimization. While I still do some things manually, I have learned to automate much of my optimization.

Details on my favorite tools are here

Yes I do some.

Many affiliate programs are not friendly to new or lower traffic bloggers. I’ve found Viglink to be a great way to still earn, even when I’ve been rejected from some programs.

I detail my use of VigLink here

I highly recommend programs/clients offered through this.

AM also works with you to provide custom banners, custom links, etc. They brainstorm with you to develop campaigns

Q3 What should content providers stay away from when planning their monetization strategy?

The first thing I would recommend is staying away from duplicate content. The difference between duplicate content & syndicated content – something every blogger should know.

Next I would recommend doing your research into affiliate programs. Major platforms like CJ and Shareasale provide details of low budgets, etc.

I find inspiration through news feeds, Alltop, Amazon best sellers lists and through friends on Facebook.

It’s tough joining a program, promoting them and then go back and remove them. However, that’s where PrettyLinks comes in handy.

When you have an affiliate that’s been cancelled, it’s easy to update links in one place to change all links in blog.

You can usually pick up the buzz topics through your friends. Ask questions, get their feedback on what they want.

Q4 Any examples of great monetization tactics? We’d love to see those who do it right!

Deborah Ziegler is the amazing blogger from the website. She presents a unique perspective on Hancock Fabrics because she has a connection to the store from childhood.

She’s posted countless blogs about her Hancock Fabrics projects & has driven many new impressions & clicks from them. But I would have to say my favorite is her blog titled “Hancock Fabrics…My Fabulous Getaway

She has recently been asked by Hancock Fabrics to be a featured reoccurring blogger on their site’s blog. is another.

Sends a bi-weekly newsletter, different from their main newsletter, w/ puzzles, photo / week, and a cartoon of the week. He’s a top performer for Best Bully Sticks & Cherrybrook.

The highlight about this affiliate is that they monetize old content about bunions and plantar fasciitis a long time ago.

Q5 Being a freelancer with such a huge experience, how do you keep yourself productive? Share your favorite productivity tips and tools!

I am very frugal and simple. I don’t use costly gadgets or programs. I automate where I can with WordPress plugins, love using Google Docs spreadsheets to organize my content and calendar. I schedule posts and take advantage of extra time when I have it to work ahead.

I rely on my affiliate managers and their newsletters to keep me abreast of what is hot and when. Affiliate Managers are one of the greatest, untapped resources available. They love to help.

It’s important to know that when there is a product you use, like & purchase over and over is an opportunity to market.

My loyalties have grown for the clients managed by -they are all so helpful.

I put together a handbook with all the goodies and tutorials. You can download a copy here.

I am happy to brainstorm with anyone who needs inspiration on how to monetize better or affiliate programs to join.

One in particular is Amoils – essential oils. The manager worked with me to fully optimize my site. They know what works and what doesn’t. They’re a treasure chest of information.

My personal favorite network is Shareasale. I mix & match quite a bit across several blogs.

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