Creating Captivating Content: Twitter Chat with @LindaDessau #VCBuzz

Creating Captivating Content: Twitter Chat with @LindaDessau #VCBuzzThere are all sorts of content that we enjoy consuming online: Entertaining, indepth, innovative, sincere, etc. There’s one type of content that we all aim for: Content that draws attention and makes you stay, content that captivates.

Today we have content marketing pro @LindaDessau educate us on how to create this type of content.

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About Linda

Linda Dessau is the author of Write Your Way to More Clients Online: How to craft captivating content for newsletters, blogs and social media.

Linda has been blogging since 2004 and launched Content Mastery Guide in July 2005 to help other business owners get their ideas into writing.

How to create captivating content

Q1 How did you become a digital writer and a blogger? What’s your online career path?

I started my first blog in 2004 to promote my self-care coaching biz. I quickly discovered the power of content marketing – writing was as/more powerful as coaching. I realized I could help others with their writing, and that I actually enjoyed this more than coaching.

I started Content Mastery Guide in 2005 and by 2010 I was specializing in blogging.

Q2 Please define “Captivating Content” and give some examples as possible!

Captivating content connects with the reader in a way nothing else can. Your ideal readers and customers are tuned in to your particular voice – it resonates with them.

Captivating content fills a need, solves a problem, and serves a purpose for one particular person. Captivating content is not the same as viral content – it’s not how many it reaches, but how deeply it connects

Q3 How to claim your expertise using other people’s content (without resorting to plagiarism of course)

  • Only share content that your audience will find valuable and relevant
  • When sharing content, stick with a defined set of categories/topics that fit your areas of expertise
  • Never copy and paste someone else’s content to your blog – giving credit does NOT equal getting permission
  • Use other people’s content as a springboard for your own commentary – show who you are and how you think
  • Use 2-3 sentences at most as a quote, then link to the original

More tips on using other people’s content see: Creating Curated Content for Social Media, Email and Your Blog

Q4 How to structure your content writing time for maximum results?

  • Know yourself and when/how you work – especially creative tasks like writing
  • Work backwards from when you want to publish – an editorial calendar really helps!
  • Allow enough time for every part of the writing, publishing and promoting process
  • Content writing includes brainstorming, outlining, research, drafting, editing, proofreading
  • Publishing includes finding photos and links, optimizing for keywords, and writing an excerpt for search engines
  • Promoting includes writing separate messages for each social network – respect the culture of the platform

Q5 What are your favorite writing and blogging productivity tools?

  • I use Wunderlist to keep blogging on track.
  • I use @googledocs for blog writing and for any shared editorial calendars. There’s also a cool feature to transcribe from text. The option is under “Tools,” then “Voice typing”
  • I use Text to Speech to listen for errors I miss when reading (for Windows)
  • I use the @AMImarketing emotional marketing value headline analyzer
  • I also sometimes use @coschedule’s headline analyzer

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