Create a Customer Journey Funnel to Increase Sales with Kami Huyse @kamichat #VCBuzz

Create a Customer Journey Funnel to Increase Sales with Kami Huyse @kamichat #VCBuzz

At every step, your customers need different kinds of engagement and nurturing from you.

How to take more of your customers through each step of the buying cycle, from attraction to connection to commitment?

Let’s discuss!

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About Kami

Kami Huyse @kamichat is CEO of @ZoeticaMedia and Smart Social Secrets.

Kami is social media and PR strategist, community builder, social media instructor, and keynote speaker.

Questions we discussed

Q1 How did you become a digital marketer? Please share your career story!

When I started my career in PR there was no digital marketing.

Job #1 I snagged the URL for my ORG

Job #2: Set up external email for the biz An early adopter is an understatement.

When I moved to San Antonio in ‘02 I started my agency @ZoeticaMedia. I was feeling isolated, so launched my first PR blog to connect and expanded from there to work with enterprise brands on social media marketing.

Q2 What is a buying cycle and how to understand (and optimize it)?

In addition to thinking about what YOU will do to get more sales, you need to understand where your customer is on the buying cycle journey. At each step, there are specific actions you can take to bring them along.

Building a deliberate customer pathway is one of the best investments you can make in your business. Take your customer from attention to awareness, to action, and then to attitudes about your brand.

Great thinking there. I think of it more as looking at what is being offered and adjusting to offer something that fills a GAP

Q3 How to help your site visitors complete their buying journey and become your customers?

Q4 What are the steps to increase your sales funnel effectiveness?

The process to get customers is simple, but there are a lot of places that they can fall off of the pathway. I look at each one individually. Check the thread of this tweet for a diagnostic at each step

Visibility content – If no one is engaging.

Metrics: Watch time, engagement
• Does it solve a problem for a specific audience?
• Does it need a little targeted ad spend?
• Are you engaging with them?

Collect email, sms

Metrics: Open, Click-Thru, and Churn
• Low open rate: Check subject line and deliverability
• Low click-thru rate: Check messaging
• High Churn: Are you attracting the right ppl and solving their problems

A no-brainer offer

Metrics: Conversions

  • Does it solve a major, can’t wait, pain point?
  • Is it priced to sell?
  • Does it have an anchor price for comparison?
  • Does it have any social proof?

Solve the problem. Invest in customer service.

Metrics: Net Promotion Score, Repurchase/Loyalty, Customer Lifetime Value, Referrals

• Do customers refer others?
• Do they mention us?
• Are they loyal?

Get social proof

Metrics: Testimonials, online referrals/mentions to others
• Do I have a system to collect testimonials?
• Am I using them in messaging?
• Am I scanning for mentions and engaging?

Q5 What are your favorite engagement analytics and optimization tools?

There are so many tools I love, but here are just a few: @ContentStudioio for social media @ConvertKit for email @Funnelytics to track my funnels Also, good old Excel or Google Sheets to track progress

Great suggestion from @StaceyHood for keyword research. In addition to the heavy tools, I like @answerthepublic

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