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twchat-kailaThis week we have a special guest, someone who has a lot to say about viral marketing and content marketing because she was doing it for ages!

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About Kaila

Kaila Strong is Director of Account Development at @VerticalMeasures. Kaila also writes for VerticalMeasure official blog. She has spoken at SMX Advanced, Local First Arizona workshops, AMA Phoenix, and IFCA Conference.

Questions discussed

Q1 What do you think is the most valuable benefit businesses can get from content marketing?

The great thing about content marketing is the diversity of benefits! Content can help drive visibility of your brand, traffic, conversions or even be used as a sales tool. Content can help reduce costs such as in customer service or as a sales tool. Content can earn links and provide value as well. In content marketing understand your KPIs and monitor them so you can tell the success story of your efforts.

Q2 What are your thoughts on authorship and social signals? Do you believe that “social signals” will have an impact on author rank?

Going from the world of “strings” to the world of “things”, I think search engines will NEED social signals more than ever. Your credibility through social channels, IMO, will have a huge impact to your author rank. Once search engines figure out exactly how to bake it into their algos we’ll start to see more weight given to your social cred. I think artificially improving ur author rank is going to be harder to manipulate thus making it a more trustworthy metric.

Q3 Do you think a lot social activity on a piece of content will help with make that content rank higher in the SERPs (more authoritative)?

I don’t believe “social virility” causes ranking increases. I think there is correlation, but not causation. A well written piece of content that is useful will get shared, but does that inherently make it good? No. Content can be shared artificially too easily. There are more factors than just social buzz to increase rank.

Inbound links to the page, authority of site, bounce rates, relevancy, etc… are all other items that play into rankings too.

Q4 What is the most successful piece of content you have written yourself? Please tell us a little bit about that and what do you think made that piece so successful?

I have two examples. One is a post on SE Watch from 7/12 about the Olympics. This piece was successful because it was my 1st picked up by ClickZ & Mashable. I was so honored to have it syndicated!

The second is my first post to make it to the homepage of the @Moz blog about 31 link building tactics. The post has received 12K+ visitors and over 1K tweets and continues to gain momentum.
It’s amazing the power content can have when you put the time into developing a great piece.
Q5 I know you’re an avid pinterest fan. Can you tell us in a few words how that can be used effectively in company’s content marketing campaign?
Pinterest is great for just about any company. I encourage others to think about the visual assets you have that others enjoy. Think about experiences related to the products or services you sell. Create a grouping of images that represent that. I’ve seen clients of ecommerce stores find success on Pinterest by simply allowing pinning of their images. You’d be surprised how many individuals use Pinterest to “bookmark” interesting products to go back and purchase. One client of mine had a pinner pin items for a Pirate birthday party. That pinner purchased the products 20 days after pinning! Let your images and products speak for themselves on #Pinterest simply by encouraging others to pin.

Q6 What is your social platform of choice and why?

Depends on my goal. For personal development I stick with twitter & LinkedIn. To keep in touch with my personal friends I go to Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook for that. For clients, I would suggest demographic research before diving into one particular platform at first.


Google + has a lot of benefits. I was an early adopter but haven’t felt as much attachment like I do with twitter.



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