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Cendrine Marrouat @CendrineMediaContent curation is where social media meets content marketing: It’s the way to make sense of information flood and organize your own and other creators’ content assets.

Today we are chatting with content curation expert Cendrine Marrouat of @CendrineMedia

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About Cendrine

Cendrine is social media blogging coach, content curator, author and photographer. Cedrine is the founder of Social Media Slant, writer at Blog and contributor at Social Media Week and Curatti.

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Questions we discussed

Q1 How did you become a social media marketer and digital writer? What’s your career path?

I have done many things in my life: translation, poetry, French instruction, reviews, playwriting, and journalism. I am also an author and a photographer. And I celebrated a decade as a blogger this year.

Social media marketing came into my life when I was looking for a way to increase visibility for my books. I spent a year doing research, attending webinars, and connecting with marketers. Then, I started blogging about what I had learned. People loved my no-nonsense approach. Indie artists, small biz owners, and solopreneurs seeked my advice. That’s how I became a social media coach.

In 2012, I began teaching classes on social media 101 to small business owners and solopreneurs.

Finally, I also write and curate content for clients.

Q2 What is content curation? How did it emerge and why it’s such an exciting and important trend?

Content curation follows three major steps.

  1. Sorting through the huge amount of online content.
  2. Hand-picking the best and most relevant pieces.
  3. Finally, organizing those pieces around specific themes.

My slides on content curation are here, for those interested in checking them out.

We have been doing curation for a very long time. It’s a very common practice in museums & art galleries, for example. Remember the last time you recommended a movie or book to a specific friend? That was content curation. ?

You made that recommendation based on what you know of that friend. Digital curators do the same for their audiences.

There is too much content available on the web. Most of it is mediocre. Curators help filter the mess and save us time.

Q3 What are your favorite content curation tools?

@scoopit has been my favorite for 5 years. Other tools include @Flipboard, @feedly, @PostPlanner, Google+, and @paper_li.

Yes me too. That’s where I follow most of my sources (a couple of hundreds)

I use them all to discover and share interesting content.

No I don’t use it. I use too many tools already. lol But yes, awesome reviews.

I have more than 48,000 subscribers. It’s one of the major first big content curation platforms to have been released. Yeah, I have been with for a very long time. It’s the best platform if you want to be seen as an expert in your field through curation.

By the way, I have a page dedicated to tools for small biz owners and solo-preneurs. I add new ones weekly.

I use the first paid one. Three topics. More than enough for what I do.

Here is one of my magazines on

Q4 What are your favorite content curation examples (from brands, bloggers, individuals)?

Individuals: @ScentTrail @kdietz and @RobinGood. I have interviewed my favorite curators for my blog.

For an example of how @kdietz curates content.

I also really like @ScottMonty. I wrote a case study on his curation technique.

@MarketingSherpa also does an excellent job with curated case studies.

Q5 How curation makes you more productive? How to increase your blogging productivity using content curation?

Curation has taught me to:

  1. be very selective about what I share
  2. think about my audience at all time
  3. find inspiration in everything I read
  4. make more savvy decisions about my personal brand

Use curation to complement your content. You can publish more without having to think of new ideas all the time.

Some will tell you that curation is bad for your brand because you direct people to other sources. I’ll tell you this. People may remember great creators. But they also remember those who keep sharing helpful info with them.

When done well, curation can help you build trust and increase visibility in ways you cannot even imagine.

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