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twchat-erikemanuelliToday at #VCBuzz Twitter chat we are learning an important lesson: How to build your own (mini-)community. I hope we’ll be able to use some of the tips to build @MyBlogU as well!

Meet our today’s expert: @ErikEmanuelli

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About Erik

.@ErikEmanuelli is blogger, traveler and freelance writer. Erik is also an extreme sports lover and he is now learning how to skydive.

.@ErikEmanuelli is founder of @klinkkdotcom and owner of

Erik also published two great reviews: MyBlogU review (our sister platform) and ViralContentBuzz review

Questions we discussed

Q1 Erik, please tell us how you ended up being a blogger and online marketer? What’s your story?

After 6 years in banking field and 7 as Export Manager, I was “forced” to search the net for “making money opportunities” (Economic crisis + recession = latest company I worked for in serious difficulty). So I started blogging!

I’ve been blogging since 2010. Learned so many things along the path. And even now! I’ve met many bloggers during these years, some of them really inspired me: @RyanBiddulph @AdrienneSmith40

Q2 Are you earning your life online or do you also have a day job?

I’m a blogger since 5 years. Professional since 2. Freelance writer since last year. Now earning full time income online.

Selling banners works for me, plus sponsored posts are a great way to monetize a blog. Lately freelance writing.

Yes, at beginning. But that’s a blood bath! Luckily I collaborate now with a content marketing agency.

Q3 Why did you decide to start building your own community @klinkkdotcom? What inspired you? How is it going? How are you building it?

I founded @klinkkdotcom in October 2013:the idea was creating a meeting point for bloggers of different niches. Built on PLIGG CMS, @klinkkdotcom is going pretty good. +2500 users, natural backlinks flowing, good social signals. Let’s see if @klinkkdotcom will take off! You know better than me,a lot of work is needed to launch a new project!

A simple to use platform is needed + engagement with users. Gamification really works!

Q4 How can a blogger build a community around his/her blog? Why building it is so important?

Engaging with readers,answering to comments,learning from each other,creating new connections with bloggers.

@adriennesmith40 taught me the importance of building a community around my blog: traffic, loyal fans, friendships.

Q5 Being extreme sports lover, how do you maintain balance between your hobbies and online career? What are your productivity tips?

I do gym 3 times a week, jogging once, skydiving once every 2 weeks : “mens sana in corpore sano” ?  I’ve set working hours, upon reaching daily goals.

I just love that! So much adrenaline! Free falling is the maximum expression of liberty! I

I work on priorities: first most important. I’m old school:sticky notes on desktop+organized folders in PC/email.

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