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twchat-wendykkellyHaving your content go viral is hard, if not impossible (especially if you have a limited budget and can’t pay for lots of ads). Viral Content Buzz is helping you to put your content in front of eager social media influencers (to expand your reach), NOT to fake or create the virality. This is a common question we are covering in our FAQ

Today we are chatting with our featured guest who gets the concept of content virality. Please meet  @wendykkelly

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About Wendy

Wendy Kiana Kelly is a blogger, mom of 4 boys (whom she home-schooled), teacher and story-telling fan. Please circle her on Google Plus here.

Wendy is also our valued @VCBuzz user: we featured her Viral Content Buzz feedback on our blog here.

Questions we discussed

Q1 How did you become a writer? Please tell your career story!

“Always written” ? Honestly, I’ve done a *lot* teaching, student of psych, travel, but always writing – my constant. My way of making sense of the world. So natural fit to help others do the same through their writing.

Yes – Definitely! Changed. Now, post kids – no time for “writer’s block” or other luxuries ? I ghost write a *lot* for clients. Enjoy blogging in client’s “voice” and seeing them succeed. Means I tend to ignore my own stuff. Trying to change that.

Tools – Free is always good — boring also tends to be good –Google Docs, for example!!

Q2 You wrote this great article on content virality… What’s your best advice as to writing viral content?

You don’t need to be “awesome” Just go for consistent & solid strategy (sometimes it’ll “go viral” but focus on the boring).

Q3 How to improve your content engagement? How to hear from your readers more often?

Good Lord, if I knew the answer to that! Magic fairy dust?? The *only* thing that ever works for me is “authenticity”. Whenever I interact honestly and “authentically” things happen. When I try a “method” things flop. Always. No matter the industry.

Big fan of “personas” I know, not everyone is. Get to know audience. Get to know who you are writing for. That seems to work. I know – not everyone loves them. Bottom line – kinda “channel” your audience – remember it’s *not* about you ? I write differently for a hotel than I do for a translation client…I promote in different places, I say different things.

Personal – but making sure – just like in “real” conversations – listen to audience – just like “real life”.

That makes sense. I always find that personal, but focused on audience works — I have pulled back a bit.

Q4 You already said a few nice words about ViralContentBuzz. Could you please share your VCB story? Did you “get” it quickly? Was it love from the first sight or?

I did *not* ? VCB was recommended for a client in “bad shape” – Thought, “why not?” Took Udemy course/read FAQ/jumped in! Soon found community is authentic & responsive. Still learning. For sure – still learning. But it’s awesome. Now have nearly 100 followers on StumbleUpon, for example… found a love for StumbleUpon through VCBuzz ?

I’m amazed at the community. I want you to grow – It’s a great idea. Very responsive, too, to removing low quality, etc.

Q5 Four boys and writing? How do you manage your time? Also you have never lost your temper with your 4 kids!!! How is that possible? What are your time management and self-control secrets?

Stopped “loosing it” 9 years ago – never looked back. Secret *laugh* lots of laughing (also practice meditation & mindfulness).

@JimGaffigan: “imagine you’re drowning & someone hands you a baby.” Exactly. Then we start homeschooling. So I learned to swim ? Honestly, I’d be lost without comedians — laughing is the only thing that keeps me going sometimes.

You know, it was the grace of God that got me through the first few years – they are 10, 12, 15 and 17 now. All free-ride skiers. First few years were a blur – Now it’s easy. Soon to have 3 teenagers & one “tween” so they are more mature ?

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