Chatting Content Marketing and Influence with Allie Gray Freeland @alliegrayfree and @CVContent #VCBuzz

twchat-allieWe are chatting content marketing today! Before we get started don’t forget to check out our new project @MyBlogU

Now let’s introduce our today’s mentor Allie Gray Freeland @alliegrayfree. Today we’ll talk with both Allie and her company @CVContent

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About Allie

@alliegrayfree is #PR Director at @iAcquire, a content marketing agency based in Phoenix, Arizona. She’s a frequent contributor to business and marketing publications such as @HuffingtonPost @Sejournal @LonelyBrand @socialmedia2day and loves all things PR and content.

Questions we discussed

Q1 Our traditional question: @alliegrayfree, How did you get into Internet Marketing and PR? What’s your story?

Started in journalism (@UMN_SJMC) & transitioned to content and #PR. With evolution of industry transition was seamless. Many of our team at @CVContent were former journalists incl. our Content VP @AnitaMalik. Anyone else with same story?

Q2 Let’s talk about #ClearVoice @CVContent. What can the tool help content marketers with? Note: That’s the tool Ann mentioned in her latest article

New age journalism stems from creating good, viral content which is the backbone of #contentmarketing and even #PR.

@CVContent is a content platform that helps #writers gauge content authority and connect brands with SME’s.  We’re launching an assignment desk this fall that connects authority writers with brands & publishers in need of expert writers. The assignment desk will be a content workflow platform, allowing brands to create & distribute content. After a #writer claims profile, they opt in to be a part of the platform.

@CVContent currently has 169,309 authors indexed from 142,118 sites & the number will continue to rise as we refine our algorithm.

Q3 What’s your take on Google killing Authorship? Did you expect that to happen? Do you still think Google cares about identifying authors? Is it a step back or forward?

Google killing Authorship does not change the importance of having SME contributing great content. The path to determining relevancy has changed, but the value is still apparent. Having SMEs as #content creators increases time on pg, social sharing all factors in Google ranking algorithm, so yes! Building your authority as a SME continues to be critical in search engine results, regardless of Google Authorship.

Q4 How can one build his / her author influence? How are you doing that?

Build your author influence by regularly contributing content specific to your subject matter expertise. @CVContent, we gauge influence by articles published, social shares, quantity of posts, # of sites contributed to. Build your influence by writing great content, regularly. Stand out from bland content & contribute to relevant sites.

The written word published on the web is a priority, but authority also stems from offline mediums too!

Q5 Content is hard to scale and organize? How do you scale without sacrificing quality?

The assignment desk will account ClearVoice Score & will have separate ranking factors to deem editorial quality. Scaling content requires a skilled team that can maintain a balance between quality, relevance and demand. Social & content influence go hand in hand. Social is included in our content authority algorithm on @CVContent

TOOLS are key for scaling quantity & quality. Select your faves for content ideation, creation, management & amplification.

Our fav tools are @CVContent (of course), @Hootsuite, @Buzzsumo, @bitly, @Wordpress,@MyBlogU.

Other faves: Google Drive & Analytics, @Outbrain, @MuckRack, @HARO, WordPress plugins, @Taboola

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