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vcbuzz-Build-Up-a-Blogging-Business-AndyNathanTurning your blog into successful business is every blogger’s dream. But how to achieve that?

Today we are talking about just that: Building up your blogging business

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About Andy

.@AndyNathan is a writer and blogging strategist who has worked with hundreds of clients in over 75 different industries improving their blogging and social media.

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Questions we discussed

Q1 When and why did you become a blogger and how did you decide to turn blogging into business?

I started blogging to promote my social management business in 2010. Over the course of the next few years…  I received numerous requests for me to write content for companies. At first I outsourced it, then discovered I had a knack for it.

Q2 What was your first blogging business success? What did you learn from it?

My first client came at the end of 2010. She was a marketing consultant who needed a social media manager.

I worked with a half dozen of her clients. It was my first real lead and sale directly from my blog.  What did I learn? What I was doing worked. Small steps. I just needed to keep moving forward and keep writing content.

It was more that people just found me online and reached out. I was not initially looking to start a freelance business. Also guest posts were amazing. I did one on that brought in $1500 in revenue.

I always owned my own business. Never worked for another company.

Q3 You mention that you did a few mistakes when building your blogging business. Can you list some for us to learn from them? What would you have done differently if you could go back in time?

I don’t think we have enough time to list my mistakes. The first year I barely did any SEO, because I thought it was a waste. Furthermore, I did not have a good conversion process. I definitely was not capturing enough leads from my blog.

Still working on the conversion process. I consistently test that to improve leads and make more mistakes.

I can write on most topics. I have had clients in over 80 different industries.

Hmm! quality content always matters. The tiny rules from tech cos. mean nothing when you write something amazing.

I am constantly seeing how to combine blogging and email marketing. Generating leads from content. For example, wrote an article for Problogger where I created a custom checklist download. Generated 75 email leads. Now on my blog.

I will repurpose it into other forms, but usually do not just republish it. The one exception is LinkedIn. It is a great way to get more traffic to my blog from repurposed posts.

I have a unique personality. my weird sense of humor comes poring out in the articles I write. Most people like it.

I used to raise prices every 6 months. Now I am hitting a barrier for the amount customers pay. My advice keep raising prices until you reach resistance. That way you know you are worth the value of your work.

One final note: I NEVER, NEVER, NEVER raise prices on current customers. It is the benefit they receive of working with me long-term

Q4 What would be your one piece of advice to anyone willing to turn blogging into a business?

Patience is key! It takes time to turn your blog into something valuable.

I generally find that nothing comes as quickly as I want it to, until all the orders come pouring in at once.

It depends on the publication and a host of other factors. Who is the target audience? What are their needs? etc.

What I usually do is take blog posts that no longer have traction and post them with a link to my blog at the end.

Yes! A few years ago I created a format for my writers to use when they write for me. their formatting was atrocious.

Q5 What are your favorite blog marketing tools?

WordPress, VCB, JustRetweet, MyBlogU, & HARO. I like tools that expand my reach, and connect with other influencers.

I still use it, but I do not get as much out of it.

I think they went through some growing pains and it slowed down the traffic. However at the beginning it was awesome!

No kidding! the list grows exponentially every day.

Right now I get more business than traffic. I have been so busy writing for clients that traffic on my own site is down. However, the traffic I do get is mostly from social media, speaking, and emails.

I agree with that sentiment! I had to relearn traffic strategies in 2013. That is why when I write on Problogger or other high end sites it is important.

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