Advanced Content Marketing Twitter Chat w/ @KathrynAragon #VCBuzz

Advanced Content Marketing Twitter Chat w/ @KathrynAragonContent marketing is the topic we can talk every day and there will still be more topics to discuss! It’s all about creativity, ingenuity and authenticity!

Today we are honored to have one of the most successful content marketers out there, @KathrynAragon!

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About Kathryn

.@KathrynAragon started her business as a direct response copywriter. Now she is managing editor of the Crazy Egg blog and teach advanced content marketing to entrepreneurs.

Kathryn has written for top brands around the world, including QuickSprout, ConversionSciences, KISSmetrics, Digital Marketer, and more. Her articles and ebooks are recognized for their depth and ability to engage readers.

Questions we discussed

Q1 You have an impressive background. How did you end up being a digital content creator? How did you imagine your career when in college?

I didn’t intend to do business writing when I started out. I wanted to write fiction. (Typical, lol.) I had worked in PR and did a lot of pro-bono work, then finally decided it was time to earn money as a writer.

Copywriting was a great way to start. Good training. I wrote tons of content, web pages & sales collateral.

Weirdly, in all my jobs, I end up writing content. I think my background in fiction makes the difference.

If you think about it, the best content has a story arc. That’s key to getting people engaged.

When starting out, I didn’t know enough to imagine my writing career clearly. Lol That might be a good thing. All I knew was I wanted to reach the world with my stories. In a way, that’s what I’ve done.

Q2 How to produce awesome content? What’s your favorite actionable advice?

Awesome content starts with awesome ideas. You have to spend time brainstorming ideas. Once your idea is solid, you have to make sure you’re saying something worth reading.

Ask yourself if YOU would read or share your content. If not, you need a better idea.

To me, writing is about iterations. Massage your message one layer at a time.

#writingtip #1: Say what you want to say, then back it up with a story or solid proof.

#writingtip #2: Watch your verbs. Make your writing as active as possible.

#writing tip #3: Eliminate wordiness. Remove anything that’s not on point.

Q3 How to increase conversions via content marketing? How can content help in generating leads?

To begin, content is top of funnel. It shouldn’t read like a sales page. But all content should *support* your products, campaigns & funnels.

Tip #1: Write a post talking about the solution customers need. Link to sales page that makes the offer.

Tip #2: Do a video series interviewing people who use your product/get great results.

Tip #3: Make a list of FAQs. Write a blog post answering each question in depth. Great for SEO too!

Tip #4: Make a list of objections. Write a post addressing each. Be transparent, not salesy.

Quality content is your best lead generator. Think epic blog posts and ebooks. Make them truly useful.

I think quality is about serving your audience. Help them find the information they want/need.

Q4 Please describe your training program? Who could benefit from it? What does it consist of?

My membership site is called Area 51. We cover content marketing that’s practical & results oriented. It takes both.

Members get access to courses on content creation, editing, engagement, strategy & more.

Members also get a weekly newsletter and member video with my big idea & tips for the week.

Visit to learn more. Or tweet me for more info. Area 51 is for anyone who wants to create better content: writers, editors, entrepreneurs. I teach you to use content to attract & sell to today’s consumer, so you’re more valuable as a content marketer.

So much of content marketing is creating value. We should always BE valuable to clients and customer.

For writers and content marketers needing to grow their business, I have another membership: Basic Training. You can learn more about Basic Training here. Basic training is so essential, I include it in Area 51 as a bonus.

I think content marketers and writers are core to business success. We need to build our biz skills. ?

That’s why so much of my training includes business and marketing training as well as writing.

Q5 As a writer and entrepreneur, how do you remain productive? How do you hold yourself accountable?

My best productivity tip: Do one task every day to get closer to realizing your vision.

I guess it starts with a vision. Do you have one? A long-term goal and steps to get there? At the beginning of every day, I decide what that one thing will be. I try to do it first thing. At the end of every day, I list what I did. Generally I’m not happy if I only got 1 thing done. lol

I don’t have an accountability partner but through social media, everyone is watching. That motivates me. I also like to reverse engineer my goals. I need to see the big picture + the one thing I’m doing now.

My father used to say: Can’t never did anything. That runs through my head a lot. Keeps me moving forward.

Tip: Always shoot for the highest possible version of your goal. If you fall short, you’ve still gone far.

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