The Art of Social Selling with Tim Hughes @Timothy_Hughes #vcbuzz

The Art of Social Selling with Tim Hughes @Timothy_Hughes #vcbuzz

Social media has changed the marketing landscape by opening new ways for businesses to find and interact with their audience.

The concept of social selling is not new but it is also one of the fastest-developing marketing channels out there.

Are you leveraging social selling enough? Let’s discuss!

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About @Timothy_Hughes

Tim @Timothy_Hughes is the CEO of Digital Leadership Associates at @DLAignite and is the world’s #1 social selling influencer.

He is a bestselling author of Social Selling: Techniques to Influence Buyers and Changemakers

Questions we discussed

Q1 How did you get involved in social selling?

I was involved in an European Wide Social Selling roll-out in 2014 across some 4000 people. My book “Social Selling Techniques to Influence Buyers and Changemakers” via @KPMktng then became a bestseller (copies available on @Amazon)

Q2 What does the term “social selling” stand for and is it for any kind of business?

The world has gone digital, buyers are empowered to use the internet, #socialmedia and mobile to buy what they want, without the need for a salesperson. #SocialSelling is the Sales Person’s response, they can find these buyers and sell to them.

We find that Social Selling works for any business, regardless of size and vertical market. In a Covid19 world (no conferences, no cold calling, no emails and no advertising) where else are you going to go?

As long as a company has a salesforce or a need for a social presence then they can use social to empower their employees. Might not be “selling” but it could help your brand or be employer of choice.

Q3 What are some of the most effective social selling tactics that tend to work well?

People use #socialselling to be present where their buyers are & to be part of conversations. To build relationships which is useful in a world where there are no face-to-face meetings. Buyers will also approach you, known as inbound.

100% … today’s customer is looking for an expert that can help them and content is just one of the ways you can show people, you are that expert. It build trust.

Companies need to stop using social tactically and start using it strategically across the business … it can be used in Sales, Human Resources, Customer service, Finance, Procurement

Q4 What are some of the most common social selling mistakes and how to avoid them?

Common mistakes are people thinking that #socialselling is selling or pitching on social, it is not. Pitching your product on social is #coldcalling on a social network. Cold calling is based on interruption, social selling is based on permission.

Social Media had changed the world, it’s changed society and it’s changed the way we do business. Even more so in a Covid19 world, where there are no face-to-face meetings. How else are they going to build the relationships?

In the current Covid_19 climate, you cannot go to conferences, advertising is down (social media usage is up), people are not in their offices do you cannot cold call them, so how else will you build relationships?

Let’s not forget that advertising, cold calling, email blasts are all based on “interruption” and “broadcast” … you interrupt a person and annoy them ….. social selling is based on permission.

Q5 What are your favorite social selling tools?

The tools we use here at @DLAIgnite are @passle to support blogging, @Leadfeeder for intent data, @Nimble for CRM, @Brandwatch for social media listening @zubtitles for subtitles on video

I use @Flipboard, I run 5 magazines on there … It was Rand Fishkin who said “before you create content, you need a distribution network” @Flipboard is part of my distribution network. We always recommend to clients.

I always recommend that you need three things – A great profile (this is your shop window to the world), a network and content. @Flipboard will enable you to curate content. Let’s not forget we live in a world where people like people more than brands

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