Making Your Brand Come Alive with Sean Adelberg @SMARTSocialSean #vcbuzz

Your brand is more than a logo and a website, it tells your audience or customers a story.

Companies spend precious dollars and time promoting their brand and then ignore its actual creation.

It’s time for savvy businesses to take the natural next step – making your brand come alive with digital content created by qualified professionals from bar none experts in their fields.

How to do that?

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About @SMARTSocialSean

Sean Charles Adelberg @SMARTSocialSean is a marketing director at @SMARTSocialSean and a multi-talented passionate entrepreneur, marketer, and coach.

He has 25+ years of working with dozens of clients, large and small, with short and long-term strategies and working within needs and budgets.

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Questions we discussed

Q1 How did you become a digital marketer? Please share your career story!

In 2007, I noticed Twitter in a BIG WAY! ? I saw Twitter pop up and realized social media was the future of marketing and mass adoption was inevitable. ? Not many believed me at the time.

By 2008 I had created my first social media agency called “Social Media Sean”. From there, the rest is history filled with learning every day! ?? Seriously though, Twitter has always been my go-to platform as I learned about others!

I have worked as a social media and digital marketing manager with many companies, throughout my 15+ years. ? Always keeping my finger on the pulse of upcoming software and platforms!

Last year my company went through a transformation and emerged onto the scene as: “@IntelBlaze Smart Marketing”! ? Here to help ignite your ideas and passions beyond just social!

I’ve helped companies formulate, implement, execute, and monitor their social media and business strategies.

Expanding into all different facets of digital marketing including e-Commerce, design, creative marketing, automation, staff training, business coaching, social media management and so much more!

Currently, I am teamed up with @SMART_Tech and @Go_LumioPLN, two super exciting companies in the #edtech space, as their Social Media Manager! Check us out! We are doing some great things for teachers and instructors!

Q2 What are the components of a brand and what makes a good brand story?

This is how you see your brand and how you want others to view your brand. ? The culture as a company and the people that work for your brand is the true part of your brand.

There’s the community and how your community sees your brand, how they feel about your brand, what they say about your brand.

It’s important to measure, notice, and listen to all those different areas.?Then create your brand that serves all the needs you identify. That you KNOW you CAN do the BEST in the ways that you can do it!

What makes a good brand story consists of your product is one that people can identify with, relate to, and connect with. ? That captures a moment or moments of time!

It’s what led to the epiphany of your creation… the wonderful inception of your brand!

To be able to somehow capture from the inspiration to the modulation, execution, to the ignition to capture THAT!

An ideal brand story is that you know it SOOOOO well when you can write about it as if it happened yesterday! ✍️ You talk about it and you know all about it, inside out! Lastly, you live it and breathe it every moment!

What makes a good brand story consists of your product being one that people can identify with, relate to, and connect with. ? That captures a moment or moments of time! And PASSION!!

Q3 What are some branding fundamentals of a memorable and trusted brand?

One main branding fundamental to make your brand better is by making your visual simple and easy to remember!

Keep it simple, yes keep it simple oh and Keep it SIMPLE! ? KISS = Keep It Simple Simple

To help be trustworthy, check your consistency. Have your brand look and be consistent!

The look of your brand on all the different platforms, websites, or media, copy, tone, writing and speech all need CONSISTENCY! ???? Consistency builds trust!

Repetition is better than inconsistency! ✅ It’s more important that you repeat yourself, as long as you are consistent! Again, It’s more important that you repeat yourself, as long as you are consistent!

Q4 Are there some good examples of brand building you’ve been excited about?

I love to look at a brand is like a living breathing creature! Like an organism! Like a ball of love!

I get excited when I look at a brand and I can see the potential in the brand! ? It excites me to be able to help it be recognized! ? Not only for people to see how great it really is, but for it to brew and develop from the inside out!

That’s why I get excited about brand transformations! The brand is really a reflection of its people and their values and their core beliefs!

Q5 What are your favorite branding tools?

Your brain ? , your eyeballs ? , your hands ?? , your breath ?, your ability to express yourself are all my favourite branding tools!

Whatever tools you’re most comfortable working with to create outstanding social audio, ? video/visual ? content for your brand!

For example, when making graphics, make sure you have an original vectorized logo so they may be enlarged for print signage properly.

Tools like @Canva & the @adobecreativecloud would be my best brand recommendation tools. ✅ Also using @SproutSocial is another great tool for getting your posts out to all of the platforms in a unified way!

Host live events, promote a newsletter, your website, have a blog, make some videos!! ?? So many methods to choose from and that’s just a few!

Remember CONSISTENCY of belief will overcome anything! ???? Stick with your core values and share them often!!!

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