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Of all digital marketing tactics, link building is the one that has changed the most. While it started as link submission and multiplication nightmare, these days it’s part of PR and content creation strategy.

Link reclamation is one of the many creative and effective link building methods that can boost your website visibility. Let’s discuss what it is and how to launch a successful Link Reclamation campaign!

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Questions we discussed

Q1 Since link building is our topic today, let’s discuss links! What is one of your backlinks you are really proud of and how did you get it?

I am a guest blogger, so my favorite links are my guest blogging columns. I am proud of my blogging contacts. Here are a few of them:

Links or no links, I am proud of being part of those communities, and the exposure I am enjoying by contributing there.

I am also contributing to @Curatti which is a great way to get my name out there and earn natural links.

Q2 What is Link Reclamation (and what it isn’t)?

Link reclamation is the process of getting unlinked mentions linked.

Link reclamation is NOT trying to turn nofollow links to “dofollow” links. It is also NOT broken link building (which is by the way another solid link aquisition method).

Q3 How to start a successful Link Reclamation campaign? Which mistakes should we try and avoid?

The first step is to find where your brand name (or your founder’s name, or your name) is mentioned but not linked.

One solid way to do it is to search google. I use [name -intitle:”name”] search and then manually review all results. Example.

You can also filter out your own domain: [name -intitle:”name”]. You can remove as many domains from search results as you need.

Make notes of all unlinked mentions in a spreadsheet and come up with a personalized plan to claim each of them. E.g. some people you may already know, so it’s simple. Other cases will require some homework (e.g. connecting to the author on social media, finding common contacts on Linkedin, etc.)

If your name is linked but NOT to your site (for example, it links to your Twitter), let it go. Don’t be greedy! This could ruin your relationships with those bloggers!

Q4 What does a good link reclaimation email look like?

It depends. I shy away from using templates, so it’s usually a different email for each person. It always starts with “Thanks for mentioning me” though!

I also always try to keep it short and sweet. Don’t try to build your relationships with the author in the first email. You should got your name known to them before that!

Finally, there are awesome guides on how to do it right:

Exactly: The relationship with your already-promoter (her, they mentioned you!) is more valuable than a link!

Q5 What are your favorite link building tools?

When it somes to link reclamation, I LOVE @BrandMentions by @cognitiveSEO. It has “unlinked mentions” monitoring feature letting you claim those links as they come. Very handy and saves a ton of time.

@Buzzsumo’s content alerts is another tool I am using for monitoring my brand mentions and it’s super awesome. You do have to review each mention but you want to do that anyway (to share articles you were mentioned in, comment, etc.)

I don’t use any email management tools but @pitchboxapp is said to be a very good one. Also, @mailshakeapp looks great too!

Good old spreadsheets (Excel, Zoho, etc.) are great for status tracking and organizing. I love using spreadsheets for everything!

This is such a great tip! Thanks!

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