Link Building Do’s And Don’ts with @joeytrend #vcbuzz

Link Building Does And Donts with @joeytrend #vcbuzz

Links are still crucial for rankings.

While Google is much smarter at identifying real links as well as using other signals (like content relevancy, trust, etc.) link building remains the most important and challenging SEO task.

So how to build links that move the needs and improve your rankings? Let’s discuss

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About @joeytrend

@joeytrend the young CEO and co-founder of Atlanta’s top digital marketing agency, Hum Jam.

When he’s not busy nerding out on SEO, Joey’s nerding out on physical and digital coins.

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Questions we discussed

Q1 How did you become a digital marketer? Please share your career story!

During my younger years I was blessed to have a mentor like @josephskahn. He showed me how to be my own boss at the age of 16 by starting my own social media management business. I’m proud that he is now my business partner at Hum JAM. I owe my whole career to him!

Q2 Why do you think link building is still important?

Link building is still important because that is how you build authority and dominance in your industry or niche.

Links not only give you raw referral traffic, but they are a strong signal to search engines that a web page is relevant and has the authority to speak on the subject at hand. Plus, over time it builds the value of your website.

Q3 What are link building do’s?

The best advice I could give about something that is a must-do when it comes to link building is networking online. People think that because they are doing their job on the internet, they can spam their links and bypass human interaction.

No more are the days of spamming links on forums and comments. Share with others and network on social media! You will have many quality backlinks from doing so.

Q4 What are the link building don’ts?

Do not stain your website’s authority and trust with a spammy link campaign. Every link builder is not the same. Some people are using tools and strategies from 2010 today in 2022. That stuff does not help anymore. In fact, it hurts now.

Q5 What are your favorite link building tools?

I personally use all the above tools when link building for my top-level #SEO clients, @serpstat, @seopowersuite, @mangools_com, @semrush, and @ahrefs. I use all these tools together. That is what I find is most effective! Get the full picture. Don’t fly blind!

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