Get to Know Your Audience with @Bill_Slawski #VCBuzz

Get to Know Your Audience with @Bill_Slawski #VCBuzz

Knowing your audience is key to your digital success.

By understanding your target reader and customer, you are able to speak directly to their needs, questions and struggles.

How to get to know your audiences?

Let’s discuss!

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About @Bill_Slawski

@Bill_Slawski is the veteran of the SEO industry, and one of the smartest SEO professionals out there. He has been into SEO since 1996 and there’s no one in this industry who doesn’t know the name.

@Bill_Slawski is director of SEO Research @gofishdigital and writer behind SEO By The Sea, an awesome blog reviewing search patents.

Questions we discussed

Q1 How did you become a digital marketer? Please share your career story!

I built a website for a couple of friends starting a business, and then I started promoting it, and then discovered search engines, so I started doing SEO on the site. I began learning more SEO as Google learned more search.

Q2 What are the best ways to get to know your target audiences?

Ask Sales and Customer Service about your audiences. Survey Your audiences. Social Listen to them where they gather on social networks/forums. Learn how competitors address them. Explore Your Analytics/Site search/comments. Look at Google trends. Talk w/your audiences

Become an influencer and expert and community member – build relationships, and it all makes a difference.

One of the best and earliest tools I used in SEO was having a notepad next to the phone where people talked to new & potential customers, to use to write out their questions

Yes, Conversations can be rewarding.

Q3 How to organize the data you are collecting from different sources, and more importantly, what to do with it? In other words, as you get to know your audience better, how to turn those insights into strategic action?

We often brainstorm on Slack and share ideas about what content we might want to develop. Interactions with audience members (conversations & Surveys) can lead to more and better connections and relationships.

Build a knowledge base about your Audience & questions and pain points they might have with answers. Use Basecamp to brainstorm how to use those questions and answers on your site & to develop content.

Q4 What are your thoughts on persona building? Do you ever use all that data to create buyer (or reader) personas?

I am a fan of persona building for channels such as Television, Print & Radio. On the Web, I would rather want to know what questions they might have, and what intents they might have when visiting the site.

Q5 What are your favorite digital marketing tools to understand your audiences better?

Surveys, mention trackers, Q&A sites such as Quora. Social Sites that allow upvoting of questions/topics such as Reddit. Google Surveys, Twitter Polls, & interactions on Twitter around shared topics of interest can be rewarding & Chats!).

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