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If I use this platform, will my article go viral?

VCB does NOT guarantee that your projects would go viral. In fact no one can ever guarantee that. “Virality” happens naturally and may have various factors (none of which still guarantees anything): Content quality and (visual) appeal Content originality Contentaaa

How do I generate more shares for my projects?

1. When adding a project, select three most relevant categories (not just one) 2. Set the highest project budget that you can afford. We recommend starting with at least 30 credits. (to get credits, simply share other people’s projects fromaaa

How do I earn more credits for my own projects?

Once you join, we give you 10 credits for free. To earn more, simply share other people’s projects! You get credits each time you share! Twitter: You gain points based on your audience size. 100-999 = 1 1000-4999 = 2aaa

What is “My Categories”?

You can select your favorite categories in Settings -> Edit profiles to better target your dashboard. Each time you click “My Dashboard” it defaults to your favorite categories (you can click through to “All Categories” from there) VCBeeViral Content Beeaaa

How do credits work?

Your follower counts determine how many credits you earn as you share content within the VCB dashboard. As you earn credits by sharing, you build up a “bank” When you submit your own project to VCB, you’ll need to allocateaaa

What is the project budget?

Project budget is the total you are going to spend on each project sharing. You will spend points based on your sharers’ audience size, each social media update can cost you from 1 to 4 credits. So please estimate youraaa