Announcing Winners Next Week: The Grand Viral Marketing Contest from Viral Content Buzz – {Closed}

Update: winners are announced here

This month at Viral Content Buzz we are happy to launch our first sharing contest: Add your high-quality article, have it shared and win $1000 in cash!

That’s a unique contest in one important way: You are losing nothing. All participants will get lots of exposure from social media shares our site will generate for your awesome articles.


  • Make sure your article is top-notch quality (the higher quality the article, the more shares it will generate as our users are all real and they only want to share great content that will add value to their social media streams)
  • You need to have a valid PayPal account (that’s how we’ll send you the prize)

There’s no need to enter the contest in any specific way: If you start using Viral Content Buzz, you are already in!

The contest ends on July, 12

The earlier you join, the more shares you’ll be able to generate!


  • The article that generates most shares from ViralContentBuzz wins $1000
  • The article that generates most clicks from VCB shares wins $500
  • The most shared contest announcement wins $200 (just blog about this contest and submit it in “Spread the word” section of the site).
    • *Note: We may give away several of these prizes if there are a few active candidates.
    • Badges: Feel free to use our badges as well as the official video to beautify your contest promotions.
  • Each of the winners will also get 200 free credits to continue enjoying ViralContentBuzz
  • We’ll also give away free credits to more active participants who will share great content adding quality to our platform

Contest FAQ: How to get more shares from Viral Content Buzz to win?

If you are new, we highly encourage you to first check our general FAQ out as well as our quality guidelines.

When you are done there, here are some specific tips for you to get more shares from our platform:

1. When adding a project, select three most relevant categories (not just one)

2. Set the highest project budget that you can afford

Get more shares on Viral Content Buzz

(to earn credits, simply share projects from your dashboard as well as use “Earn more” section of the site)

3. When the shares start slowing down, that may mean your project is moved down from the front page: You can move it back up by adding 30 credits to it.

Contest (Media) Sponsors:

My Blog Guest: The guest blogging community preaching the *high-quality* guest blogging

my blog guest

GrowMap: Your source of reliable marketing information


Traffic Generation Cafe: The best traffic building blog out there (I am serious!)


Andy Bailey of CommentLuv, a popular WordPress plugin


Famous Bloggers, your best resource of blogging tips and tricks!


SEODojo, the smartest SEO community and training out there


Disclaimer: All sponsors have been exclusively invited to this contest as they are awesome. We are not accepting sponsorship applications at this point.

Good luck!


VC Bee

Viral Content Bee is the free platform for social media sharing helping you get more shares for your high-quality content

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  • bbrian017 says:

    Hi guys, it’s ironic I was just thinking, I miss contests imagine I haven’t held even one yet this year but I do have a 500 usd content in the works! You guys got some really amazing prizes here I wish everyone that joining best of luck! This is going to be hard core with some huge names!

  • Bernard Z. says:

    Sounds Exiting! I wonder if I have to write a brand new article or if I can use an existing one. I haven’t really scheduled to write a new article this moth. Either way I hope Viral Content Buzz gets new members as I will be doing my part in order to ensure that this happens.

    Keep up the good work.

  • Silviu says:

    Hi Anna,

    I joined the contest. However it works bad from day 1. I cannot connect my social media accounts. I wrote them a message and I hope I’ll get an answer.
    I hope this is not a bad omen. The idea is wonderful.


  • I’m not sure if I’ll be able to take part in it, but I’ve shared the info across all my social media accounts.

  • Kristi Hines says:

    It’s not a post just about the contest, so I know it won’t qualify, but I did give your contest a mention in my Ultimate Guide to Blog Monetization. 🙂

  • Hi there,
    Sounds like a really great idea… However, whenever I try to access the members’ area or go to my dashboard I get the following error message:
    “Server Error 🙁 Sorry, but the server encountered an error while processing your request.”
    Could you please tell me what to do to fix this or by what time will the site work so that I can participate? Thanks a lot in advance,

  • collins says:

    Good one from viralcontentbee i will surly take part in this contest not actually to win $1000 but to get my content all over the popular social networks

  • Interesting idea!
    I’m a vloger, so not sure if it applies to me, but I’ll check it out.
    Thank you!

  • Ana says:

    I am still getting a server error today after joining. On logging in it goes to with error message

    Server Error 🙁

    Sorry, but the server encountered an error while processing your request.


    • annsmarty says:

      This error isn’t repeating for everyone, so it’s hard to catch! We are looking hard though!

  • Darek says:

    Sound awesome!

    I just got few questions:
    1. People have articles submited here for ages will the old shares from those articles get into the count for the contest or is it only shares since the 12 June that counts?
    2. Is there going to be some sort of ranking to see whos the current winner?

    • annsmarty says:

      Hey Darek,

      1. Only projects which are added within June, 12 and July, 12 will be counted
      2. Well, this is our first contest and we’ll probably keep it quiet (as we are not sure what reaction will open stats cause)…

  • Anurag Jain says:

    This looks pretty awesome. I surely take part in this contest !

  • Silviu says:

    Hi Anna and Ann,

    I have just posted a review of Viral content Buzz on my site and added it for review on the appropriate section of the site. I hope it will be OK. I have also mentioned Traffic Generation Cafe in the same review.
    Well, I agree with rejecting old posts that are months old or years old. But you reject even posts that are just days old. I have a post written at the beginning of June, one of my best posts. According to your criteria it is too old. It is hard to find words to express my disappointment.
    Just one question: did you mention this rule in the promotional material before the contest? As far as I can remember, I didn’t see it.
    Restrictions and restrictions, rules that appear unexpectedly. It is harder and harder to keep up.
    Btw, that “Report as low quality” option is very dangerous. It needs manual monitoring and reviewing otherwise terrible abuses may appear. For example: I can identify a powerful competitor and then his or her best article. I will report that article as low quality. Other people can do that, too. Soon that article will be avoided and the author will lose any chance to earn something (despite the fact it is a high quality article).

    Have a nice day

    • annsmarty says:

      @Silviu I guess your projects were not rejected because the articles were old… There should be another reason stated in the rejection notification – please read it carefully

      Also, “Report as low quality” is moderated: That’s why it says “Report”: Nothing gets rejected without manual review…

      We have rejection process because we have quality guidelines in place:
      This is not share-automation platform: This is the service uniting people by interest and allowing only the highest quality content!

  • Caroline says:


    I’m also getting the Server Error message when I use the Tweet, Facebook or Pinterest options, eg:

    Server Error 🙁
    Sorry, but the server encountered an error while processing your request.


  • Darren Wall says:

    I’ve let my followers know about it via @prepayasyougo and @allMost40 here

    I’m in it to win it, but it’s going to be difficult, there are a lot of good sites out there submitting great content!

  • Deepak says:

    Very nice idea! ! Thanx For Running such a awesome contest !! I will give my best 🙂

  • Hello Ann,

    Hope you are doing well. Started promoting about the Viral Content Buzz contest and here is the url
    Hope you will also like the poster for the contest!

  • Viral Content Buzz contest is now on Pinterest also
    Like and share the poster of the contest and add some more light to the contest.

  • Proudly promoting Viral Content Buzz Contest in my Faceboook page where there are over 7000 Fans and a lot of active fans!
    The link is here

  • My another Facbeook page for the blog Teleinfo is also proudly promoting the Viral Content Buzz contest. Link is here :

  • Himadri Saha says:

    Search with “Viral Content Buzz Contest” in Google and you will be able to see Tech n Techie content in 3rd place, Photomo and Beautiful Bangladesh contest in First page. All are content from my blogs. The article from PetCareBD is also in good position.

  • My Facebook page post already got more than 60 likes…. Grate exposure from Tech n Techie Facebook fan page…. Here is the link

  • Search Google with Viral Content Buzz Contest and you will get Tech n Techie promotion post in the third place.

  • Arafath says:

    Hi Ann,

    Arafath here and I came to know about Viral content buzz by means of update through my Myblogguest profile. I simply registered an account in VCB without familiar about anything. I added three project so far too. There are two people has tweet one of my project and I spend more than 5 hours in a day for Virtual Content Buzz nowadays. It’s interesting concept. I have a question, can you tell me where I can see my VBC rank?